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If you are feeling depressed, this breathing technique is a healthy practise and will have a calming, positive impact on your depression. It is also beneficial in general for everyone's mental, emotional and physical health.

Slow Your breathing:


When you lengthen the out-breath relative to the in-breath you stimulate your natural relaxation response.  This is can be done with awareness in any given moment. Remain aware of the length of your out-breath, lengthen your exhale, making it slower than your inhale.

Breathing/Relaxation Technique for Depression

Guided Meditation/Mindfulness for Depression

Continue in this way for 5-10 minutes or longer if you have time – and enjoy the calming effect it will have on your mind and body.  


This technique works because out-breaths stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, (enables you to rest and digest) as opposed to the Sympathetic Nervous System (‘fight or flight’). Out-breaths decrease your blood pressure, dilate your pupils and slow your heart rate, lowering emotional arousal.


Practicing this breathing technique a few times a day is beneficial in general and lowers overall stress levels in the long term.

Another way you can help relieve the symptoms of depression and gain some control over your experience of depression, is to practise mindfulness... read more

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