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Sometimes the reason for becoming depressed is obvious – a relationship breakup, divorce or a bereavement, or post natal depression for example – sometimes it is unclear and you may not understand why you feel depressed. Either way, counselling for depression can help.

If you feel depressed you are not alone, since depression is very common. It is the third most common reason for GP visits in the UK with one in five people becoming depressed at some point in their lives.


The difference between feeling a bit low and suffering from depression is when these feelings don't go away or begin to interfere with everyday living.


Depression can get better and people usually recover, but it is also common for depression to return. Depression can last several months or longer and is characterised by persistent low mood and/or loss of pleasure in most activities and a range of associated emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioural symptoms.

Signs of depression include:


sadness or low mood which doesn't go away

not being able to enjoy things

losing interest in life

finding it difficult to make decisions  

not coping with things that used to be easy

feeling tired/exhausted

feeling restless and agitated;

loss of appetite and weight

insomnia/difficulties going to sleep

loss of sex drive

thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

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