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Spiritual Discussion Group

The purpose of these groups is to provide an online platform for exploration and support for issues related to spiritual identity. Such as:



The question of God; does God exist; who/what is God

What happens after death

Religious/cultural alienation

Religious/spiritual uncertainty



Discussion may also explore existential questions relating to the origin/nature of reality and existence, and purpose and meaning in life. Such as:



The purpose of existence

What is consciousness

The nature of reality

Whether life has meaning



These are all examples of conversations we can have in these spiritual discussion groups.



Spiritual Discussion Group

Group members will aim to support each other in sharing and exploring thoughts, feelings, belief systems and concepts with awareness and respect for diversity and difference in beliefs/faith.



These online groups are inclusive of all spiritual and religious faiths and backgrounds and discussions may include: sharing concepts, feelings and doctrine related to personal religious or spiritul beliefs.



Group members are required to practise tolerance of others' religious or spiritual beliefs within the group in order to attend discussion. Please view PDF agreement for further details.


Ground Rules

Groups will take place weekly for 90mins and members will aim to attend a minimum of 8 discussions at a regular meeting time.



Online discussion groups 'meet' on Skype video conference or Skype IM group chat. Face to face discussion groups in Manchester are a possibility dependent on enquiries.



After initial introductions, group will begin with check in; each member may bring an issue or question and members will listen, help to explore the issues and offer support.



Group facilitator Katy Harris, professional counsellor, will guide this process. These groups are not couselling but members will need to be comfortable with sharing and exploring feelings in a group setting.



Please note: this service has now relocated - Please use the new contact form here: (this will redirect to new website)