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If you're looking for online counselling, but would prefer a degree of anonymity, text based IM chat counselling or email counselling offer an alternative to the usual visual & speech of a face to face counselling session.

Instant chat counselling is a real time chat, text based counselling session, where we communicate by instant message (like a text conversation) using one of the apps below.


Instant chat counselling requires the ability to read and to express thoughts and feelings through written word by typing. The pace is different than face to face counselling because it takes longer to type than it does to speak.


Some people prefer these differences in instant chat counselling to video counselling online and choose IM chat for these reasons.



IM counselling appointments are weekly, for 1hr, and can be short term focused counselling or long term counselling depending on your individual needs.


You can choose how we can meet online for your instant chat counselling appointments, from a choice of three apps which are free to join and access:






These apps offer varying degrees of security and confidentiality which you can read about using the left menu link 'Confidentiality Online'


When you've chosen your app, use the contact form to book your appointment and see if instant chat counselling is right for you.



If you have any questions, or need some guidance with the technical side of things, please don't hesitate to ask and I will help guiide you through the process.

Email counselling is similar to IM counselling but this process is asynchronistic (not real time) so there is more time to reflect on thoughts, feelings and process between writng emails.


The way this works is; we arrange a regular time for you to send your email and also a regular time for me to send my reply to you.


Some people prefer these differences and choose email counselling rather than IM counselling online for this reason.



You can choose encrypted email like or if you prefer to use your own regular email, you can choose password protected email attachments instead. If you have any questions, I will explain and help with this part of the process.



What is Instant Chat Counselling?

Online Counselling by Instant Chat or Email - what's the difference and how to choose

Choose an IM Chat app  

After you make contact, I will send you some simple forms to complete and return (using or password protected email attachment). If you are unsure about this, I will explain and help. Please do ask any questions.


If we agree this is the right service for you to access, we will then arrange a mutually suitable time to 'meet' each week online for your IM appointment or times for sending/recieving emails.


Payment is made before appointment and I call you at the agreed time for your instant chat appointment or wait for your first email. Payment options include full cost, reduced rate, low cost and PWYCA (pay what you can afford).



Book your appointment now or find out more using the links below, or to the left and main menus.





What is Email Counselling?

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